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Karl Straub was born the USA, and was introduced to meditation around the age of 10. He is a former competitive swimmer, dolphin communication researcher, and graduate of Duke University.
Karl worked as a school teacher, artist, and IT consultant until his mid-30`s when he was inspired to go deeper into meditation and yoga. He left his IT job in New York City, sold and donated his belongings, set off on an odyssey of 8 years during which he kept no apartment anywhere and traveled just with what he could carry.
He studied with many teachers including Zen master Keido Fukushima, the Indian yogi Swami Bua, David Life and Sharon Gannon (co-founders of Jivamukti Yoga), and others, from whom he gathered inspiration to express precision, depth, and humor in his own teaching.
Karl has taught at festivals, conferences, and studios in over 40 cities and 12 countries. He currently lives in Switzerland and offers retreats and workshops worldwide.
More information at karlstraub.com