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ANUSARA mini Immersion with JONAS WESTRING  * 

Weekend 4-5 of August, is moved to Studion Yoga Kendra in MALMÖ

due to changed family plans I have asked Yoga Kendra to take over the work shop,

Yoga Kendra: Friisgatan 6C, 211 46 Malmö, 040-685 07 30

SAT 09:30-12:00

 Anusara Yoga: Universal Principles of Alignment

This opening session clearly demonstrates the main principles that lay the foundation for Anusara yoga and cover a full-spectrum asana practice with emphasis on opening and balancing the legs, hips and pelvis. We will explore a variety of yoga postures from different categories, tapping into the universal pulse-vibration known as Spanda, which is found by balancing Anusara’s main principles Muscular Energy and Organic Energy, in our practice.

SAT 14:00-16:30

Calming the System: Deep Forward Bends & Twists
Dedicated to soothing the nervous system, calming the body and relaxing the mind – this session acts as the counter pose the morning of energetic backbends. Consists of a varied and exotic blend of spinal twisting, forward bends, and hip-openers designed to stimulate Apana Vayu and release the energy downwards towards the earth to facilitate rooting and grounding.

SUN 09:30-12:00

Expanding the Vision: Sequential Backbends
A full-spectrum asana practice filled with a potpourri of backbends to open you where you need it the most. Through progressive and effective sequencing and the intelligence of the Universal Principles of Alignment you will enjoy deep yet safe backbends that are highly therapeutic and feel really good. The uplifting, energizing and heart-opening qualities of this category of poses gives freedom to body, mind, and beyond.

SUN 14:00-16:30

Turn it Upside Down: Inversions, Cool-down, Pranayama, Q & A
The final session is aimed at educating and building confidence on inversions practices. We’ll learn the essential preparations that enable us to tap into our mid-line or Madya Prakash, as cultivating awareness of our central axis will connect us to our stability and inner power. Then we’ll take some time to unwind the body-mind complex with cooling poses and yoga breathing.

Price 1500:- book here:

Yoga Kendra: Friisgatan 6C, 211 46 Malmö, 040-685 07 30

Anusara Yoga, founded in the USA in 1997, is a profound, therapeutic and elegant Hatha Yoga
 system that blends the ancient art of yoga with the science of biomechanics. Anusara features Universal Principles of Alignment, a Tantric philosophy, and a celebration of the full potential of life as a whole. Welcoming students of all levels, it emphasizes alignment not only of the body, but offers guidance in how to bring yoga beyond the mat. Through Anusara’s life affirming approach, effective biomechanical alignment principles, and dedication to community – students enjoy a new level of inspiration and confidence in yoga.

Jonas Westring was trained as a physiotherapist in his native Sweden and is also a licensed Physical Therapist in the USA. A multi-certified yoga teacher, for the past 35 years he has immersed in various healing arts including clinical physiotherapy, acupuncture, yoga therapeutics and much more. He began studying classical yoga at the Scandinavian Yoga School in 1981 and is a Certified Advanced Anusara Teacher Trainer who began on the Anusara Yoga path in 1999. For 5 years Jonas was co-directing Integrative Yoga Therapy teacher training programs and in 1998 created a Thai Yoga Therapy Training Program that teaches therapeutic hands-on approaches to touch and healing. He is the founder-director of Shantaya Yoga School in Thailand where he teaches 200-hour and 300-hour Anusara/Yoga Alliance YTT programs. When not at his home in Chiang Mai, Jonas teaches and travels worldwide sharing the essence of yoga, bio-mechanics and therapeutics with precision, clarity and joy.